Stiefel Musik

Stiefel Musik is the exclusive label for the music of keyboardist/composer Clark Stiefel and Guests. It is a diverse catalog of music ranging from contemporary classical and avant garde music to experimental jazz and electronica. The diversity of the label is a direct reflection of the eclectic musical tastes of the artists themselves. Despite this diversity, there exists a common characteristic among all Stiefel Musik releases - namely a strong sense of kinetic energy. In other words, this is music that moves and inspires movement - physically or emotionally - regardless of genre. As a classically trained musician with an appreciation for many kinds of music, Clark Stiefel oversees all Stiefel Musik releases with openness, intelligence, and insight. Through his extensive experience as an accompanist and composer for ballet, jazz and modern dance he seeks to extend the kinetic energy found in his own music to the Stiefel Musik label as a whole.  So whether the music is quiet, introspective solo piano or loud, extroverted, high energy electro pop one can still find a connection among all Stiefel Musik releases. It is music that takes you places, music that transports you, music that carries you - in short, music that makes you want to dance.